Listen to my poetry
Let my words caress the sole of your soul
Dive into this hole
See things my way
I analyse facts like an analyst
Life’s lows my catalyst
I’d have tweeted but limited words hinder my wordplay,
I roll deep on this paper like two Adele’s’
It’s the only way I know how to yell,
When the pain gets unbearable like hell,
Oh well,
My troubles give birth to my verbal imagination.

They tell me my dreams are a mirage,
When I tell them of my dreams of horses in a ranch and others in the garage,
Oh, my brain needs a massage,
From working out this wordplay,
Or a nice tune from Coldplay,
This is poetry reeking slowly from my veins,
This is poetry that frees me from my pain,
And when I bleed my soul on this paper, some freedom I gain.

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