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When we met like two birds in the sky,

We had no Internet,

We were no intellects,

But still we had to say good bye,

Never knowing when we would meet again,

Days passed by,

But still the love we had for each other remained in our hearts and brains.

We had something to gain,

And also each other to lose.


They say nothing is perfect,

You prove them wrong,

You are the definition of perfect,

I wish I could be a prefect,

To monitor your movement,

As you talk and sway your lovely

African hips,

Chocolate beauty, a gap between between your teeth,

I must say when I see you it becomes hard for me to breath,

My mind sinks.


When we met I had no clue,

In my mind she would stick like super glue,

She is a match to me, she lights me up

She’s got me in a box,

I wish I could turn back time,

Just to make you mine,

Like a miner searching for gold,

It’s only you I wanna hold.


Skin so shiny,

Lips so full,

Desire creeps in,

Have I mentioned her hips??

No need,

She is the one I need,

My fuel indeed.


Mother Nature has Father Time,

I have no one in this time,

To cool me down,

With sweet words that I need,

To cover me in that love thing,

When we met I wanted to tell her everything,

But I could not,

Now I sit here in regret.

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