We are children of chaos. Humanity is cursed.  The deep structure of change is in decay.  At root,  there is only corruption, discrimination and the unstemmable tide of chaos. We are a race in ruin. Doomed to eternally suffer from our own actions. Gone is purpose,  all that is left is a direction which leads nowhere. This is the bleakness we have to accept as we struggle to go through this life.

Would people cry is everyone cared? What would the world look like if each of us showed a little compassion? What would it cost you to show some love? Humans are the most intelligent animals on earth yet so dumb and stupid. We are always at war for some very unfathomable reasons, it beats logic. Most of the calamaties we bring to ourselves are just because of pieces of paper and metal or money that we’ve put so much value on than human life. It’s sad thing to think about.

We all love money. Heck I need loads of it right now . We crave for it some go as far as doing some crazy things to get it. But after all that, is it really that important?  Is it important if in the process of getting the money you hurt some souls out there.  Why are the rich getting richer and the poor poorer ? Why are there wars each sunrise and sunset? Why are people running away from the only place they call home?

Most wars are caused by rich countries. They supply weapons to poor countries in exchange of oil or precious resources in the waring country. These countries always have vested interests in the waring countries. Women and young children suffer the most because they can’t defend themselves. So the only option is to escape their homes in search of a better place for themselves. Once they traverse long distances and seas amid difficult conditions they land in the rich countries only to be denied asylum. They are locked out and labeled terrorists. They are left to suffer in camps as people debate whether to let them into the country. Human life has been turned into politics. Empathy has eroded among modern humans. All I ask of you is to put yourself into their shoes. It can happen to you just as it happened to them.

I implore you on your journey in this life make sure you touch a few souls in whatever you do.  Let someone always remember you with a smile,  let someone speak good of you,  leave a great legacy behind.  I believe everyone has a purpose in this life and that everything happens for a reason. Most of you will forget this as soon as you hit the last word, I’ve done my part though.Find your purpose and most of all make someone smile today. Thank you for taking time to read this.

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