In life you come across many things and you meet plenty of people. You go through a lot and you see loads of things, some make you stronger, others break you but the experience is exquisite that is if you look at it keenly. All that you have gone through has taught you a thing or two. These long lasting experiences are cherished as memories by everyone.

People are amazing, the more you bump into people the more you get to broaden the perspective you have on life. Each person is some sort of book or a teacher because at the end of the day even the most insignificant person in your life knows something that you don’t and will probably teach you a lot more than people you think are clever and the ones you hold so dear to your life. You get to see the world through other peoples eyes and it’s amazing. You get to share amazing experiences with people of diverse cultures and nationalities.

Today I want to briefly talk about women. Yes I said women!! The most feared creatures by men. People (this includes both scientists and educated individuals) say that men will never understand women. I think it’s true. I think that aliens haven’t understood a damn thing about women either. If they did they’d have already colonized humanity long time ago. I’m sure they have sufficient information about men, they know where to hit to cripple them. But one thing that still bugs them is the creature called a woman. They are a different package altogether full of astounding surprises. Its for this reason that I think we will be safe from aliens for a couple of million years to come. Sorry I digress.

Women are complex beings. The first face of a woman I set my eyes on was either my mum or the midwife. I’ve lived with one of those faces for the most part of my life. It has been one hell of a ride. Understanding my mum has been on of the most hardest tasks I’ve ever faced. The process has been riddled with so many pitfalls. Unlike my dad who is always gray as ever, mum is a brew of emotions and expressions. At times she’s too cold and too hot at other times, the weather has nothing on this woman. At times she’s always there to calm the beasts that live inside dad and her kids. At other times she will put enough firewood to ignite the emotions of every single soul in our household. Cool and composed at times angry and crazy at other times. It’s quite peculiar. She’s bad and good when she wants to and she doesn’t give a damn. I think it’s because she knows that we will never have another woman to call mum, God really got us on that one. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying she’s bad, all mothers out there behave in some type of way that their kids and husbands don’t like. Plus I’m only talking about mum because she’s the woman I’ve known for most of my life. She’s the perfect example for this topic. Anyway enough about mum, I love her so much and still have a lifetime to study her.

Now that I’m an adult I’ve been immersed into a world full of women. Each of them is a concoction of different sets of attributes. We’ve all bumped into women in all aspects of our lives either as girlfriends, wives, friends, BFF’s et cetera et cetera. Men are simple, they need someone to understand them, take care of them, submit to them (but not completely) and someone to satisfy their sexual needs (if there are other things you think men need from women please insert them here). Men also need someone to be with them through their highs, lows, happy and sad times.

As for women their case is astronomically different. They never want to be understood (that’s what I’ve noticed from the few girlfriends I’ve had). Women I know you may beg to differ but please kindly let me express myself. Once you’ve done one thing right, they are plenty of things you’ve done wrong. With a woman the best way to win an argument is to let her win it. You’ll get reminded of things you did five years ago, yes they forgive but don’t forget. I stopped arguing with women when I realized that if you win the case you lose the girl or you end up saying sorry for winning. In most cases men always end up saying sorry for mistakes that the girl did, they are so manipulative and clever. Some do this consciously and others unconsciously. In a hundred meter dash she will be at the finish line before you lace up your shoes. It’s so hard to put up with their emotions.

As a man I have to say that women can be depressing, they are masters when it comes to nagging people, a skill that I think is passed on from the genes of their mothers. You can never trust a woman because their intentions are not always clear. This reminds me of a Sherlock Holmes quote “never trust a woman, even the best of them”. I’ve been betrayed so many times, it usually takes time before I can trust a woman nowadays. Maybe I have terrible taste when it comes to choosing women. Jealousy is in every woman’s DNA, not that men aren’t jealous we just choose not to express it as much as women do. People often joke that Eve would frequently count Adams ribs while he slept to make sure God had not created another woman for him. This explains why so many men have passcodes on their phones.

So far I hope you are understanding me. Men I hope I’m airing some of the things we go through silently. I’m writing this from experience, they say experience is the best teacher and no amount of research can beat that. I’m not married yet or in any serious relationship so my views might change with time I guess.

On the flip side women are simply amazing. They are some of the most loveliest creatures I’ve ever set my eyes on. They are so cute and cuddly and hardly look like they could hurt a fly. Their beauty is irresistible. Men ogle them because they are fascinated by them and invoke some kind of desire in them. Their beauty is unexplainable. Each of them is uniquely designed. They are loving and caring and that motherly instinct sets in at a very young age. They make the world go round and without them men would be savage beasts roaming around with no purpose, humanity on the other hand would be in utter ruin. As much as people refer to God as a manly being, I think God portrays more feminine characteristics, he’s so much in touch with his feminine side than he is with his masculine side. You just need to look at earths beauty to acknowledge this fact. Just like a woman takes time to take care of herself, her house and her family, God too takes his time to take care of humanity and his earth.

To this point I hope you aren’t as confused as I am. When I sat down to write this, I had the perfect content but it seems to have gone to the drain, now I’m just writing anything my brain thinks is relevant to this topic. I digress again, sorry. If you are confused sorry, that’s just how women are, even writing about them is confusing.

Women should be given a little bit more power in today’s society. They are so transformative and creative and are capable of bringing so much change. Women can do a lot only if we let them (If you don’t know about Wangari Maathai I suggest you stop reading this and read about her here ). Women harbour no ill feelings unless you cross them. Men on the other hands are beasts always ready for war, if you doubt me please tell me of one woman who is a warlord (see there’s none you can think off).

There’s a quote that says “when a women asks you something just tell her the truth because she already knows”. This quote was coined by a woman so men don’t pay much attention to it, it’s a trap.

If you are still reading this then thank you, at some point I thought I had lost myself and you the reader. If you are a woman and you’ve got to this point thank you so much. To all women out there I love you and I harbour no bad feelings towards you. Keep on doing what you do as long as it helps your family and society in one way or another. Don’t let anyone discourage you and never try to prove anything to anyone just be you and keep on pushing.

Women are wonderful and simply amazing we cant live without them so I leave you with this quote “Behind every successful man there’s a woman”
Thank you.

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