Better late than never,
but never late is better,
I hope I’m not late to say that I love you
They say time is money so we’ll spend it together.

You are the type of woman that Satan would get saved for,

Its sad that I only have one heart to lose for you,

I thought I was free,

Till you came around,

and set me to the ground like a tee.

Tears fall like showers,

when you ain’t around,

I lie and wait for hours,

Tossing and turning all night.

I need you around.

I think you smell like rain,

that’s why I want to bite you all the time,

I want to smell the traces of your hair and savor every breath that goes into my nose.

You are the spark to my bonfire heart,

You light me up,

My beautiful firefly,

You give me light in the dark.

You my love are a true beauty,

and a good one at that

I need only to stare in your eyes and be lost.

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