This was our sixth heist. So far everything was going according to plan. We were in Karen a suburb in the outskirts of Nairobi famed for its rich residents and tight security. The residents were rich alright but the security was poor, you could steal anything in broad daylight.

We only had seven minutes left. The five of us had each picked a room. I was in their master bedroom. Mr. and Mrs. Kamau were sound asleep. Slowly I had emptied all their jewelry and money into my duffel bag. We had already scanned this house for a week so we knew what we were doing.

The loud scream that tore the air from upstairs sent chills down my spine. For a moment I just stood there confused and unable to move a muscle.

“Fuck it’s that stupid pedophile again”

Mr. Kamau was now awake but confused and unable to move as I had been a few seconds earlier. Before he could get out of bed I was already out of the door silently making my way downstairs, while whistling our secret alarm code.

Outside our five man gang was only one man less. I signaled the others to make their way to the escape car which was parked a few minutes away from the house. Slowly they swiftly breezed past me like gazelles in the Savannah making no noise as they jumped over the wooden fence.

I had only five minutes to go get that stupid pedophile and make my way to the escape car. The child was still screaming. Robbie was cornered by Mr. Kamau who pointed a brand new Smith & Wesson 9mm revolver to Robbie’s face. Mrs. Kamau was already downstairs frantically punching the telephone.

She’s calling the police, I need to get us out of here fast

I checked my watch again, 4 minutes to go. Slowly I crept up behind Mr. Kamau. He didn’t know what hit him. The jab from my left hand was enough to render him dizzy. The hook from my right hand knocked him out completely and he fell on the floor with a slight thud. The girl was screaming hysterically again. I got the masking tape from the duffel bag and covered her mouth silencing her to only slight muffles.

2 minutes damn!!

Robbie was still fumbling with his belt as he swiftly ran downstairs. I was behind his back running as fast and noiselessly as I could. Soon we were over the wooden fence running as fast as we could towards our gateway car.

From a far I couldn’t spot our gateway car at the place we had left it. After looking around for a while we couldn’t find it.

“Damn fuckers they’ve left us” Robbie said.

“Shut up!! You got us into this mess in the first place”

It was now five o’clock. The morning cold bit into our skins as we ran towards the highway which was a few minutes away. Not running too fast or slow, we looked like casual joggers to the few people we passed on the road. We reached the highway after thirty minutes of running.

I was on the road now trying to flank down the car that was approaching us. As the red Ferrari came to halt, I nearly jumped up and down with joy. A man of Somali origins stopped out and looked at us keenly with suspicious eyes.

“Excuse me sir, we seem to have lost our way while jogging, could you kindly give us a ride to town” I said in the most sincere voice I could.

He hesitated, swiftly before I knew he had taken out a brand new colt 45 revolver and was now pointing it at me. The way he expertly held the gun told me that we were dealing with either a police officer or someone who knows his way with guns.

“Get down the both of you and put your hands up. I know who you are, you stupid morons”

Then it suddenly dawned on me that this was Mr. Ali, a successfully businessman we had stolen from a few weeks ago.

Shit! What goes around comes back around. How could I not have noticed that red Ferrari, my memory is failing me or maybe I’m getting old for this kind of jobs: I thought as I slowly got on the hard tarmac. Before I got on the ground he was already behind my back with the colt 45 revolver held firmly to my skull.

“Tell me why I shouldn’t kill you right now?” he shouted while poking my skull with the gun, the cold metal of the gun seemed to be working some sort of magic for I was scared like I’ve never been before. I nearly wet my pants. Slowly I turned and looked at Robbie. I could see tears welling up in his eyes.

Stupid bastard how can you afford to cry, you are the one who got us into this mess you weak good for nothing human: I thought.

“Today must be my lucky day. Since you robbed my house I’ve been looking up and down for you guys. You guys have done a pretty decent job, five heists in one area without getting caught. Fucking brilliant!!! I know all about you and your gang Mr. Morris. So what is it going to be Mr. Morris? He asked still poking my skull with the gun.

I closed my eyes and tried to think of a possible idea to escape this maniac. Memories came flooding into my eyes, everything from my childhood up to this moment flashed in my mind in just a few seconds. They say before you die your whole life flashes before your eyes in a matter of seconds.

So this is it. This is how I’m going to die on a lonely road next to pedophile.

“I’m waiting Mr. Morris, should I kill you or should I just call the police? He asked in a more commanding tone. He was getting angrier as the time went by.

Damn where are the cars when you need them. Of all the places we had to end up on this Godforsaken lonely road. Shit this was definitely not our day. Life is unfair at times.

My mind had already given up on me, I could think of nothing else other than our death. Going to jail was not an option to any of us and Robbie knew it, I could tell from the slight nod he gave me. His faced now reeked of bravery. Now that’s the man I knew courageous and always up for a fight not the stupid crybaby pedophile I had just seen a while ago. A slight smile cascaded across my face. This wasn’t a good moment to pray but silently I whispered.

God I’m sorry for everything, if this is the last day on earth please forgive me for the sins I’ve committed in my lifetime.

The sound of Mr. Ali cocking his gun jolted me back to reality, in a few seconds we would be dead.

Okay kill me you bastard, kill me!! I shouted courageously though the fear inside me could move a mountain, I reeked of it, a lion a kilometer away could smell it on my skin. I was surprised he couldn’t.

I was not prepared for the loud blast that filled my ears. The shrieking sound rendered me dizzy for a while. I couldn’t hear a damn thing apart from the never ending ringing that stirred in my ears for ages.

Shit if this goes on for ten more seconds I will go crazy.

I caught a glimpse of Robbie as he dropped on the ground, his brains were splashed all over the place, and then everything went blank

I woke up with the daddy of all hangovers in what apparently was my room.

Jesus Christ that must have been one hell of a nightmare or maybe I was hallucinating, I have to quit the drugs I’m using or else they’ll kill me.

I looked at my watch. It was a few minutes past nine in the morning. I made a cup of coffee to fight off the hangover which seemed to be getting worse as time went by. The intoxicating aroma or the coffee nearly made me get an erection. Coffee was the only drug I could turn whenever I wanted to calm my nerves or to fend away a hardcore hangover. With the cup of coffee in my hand I lazily walked to the TV and switched on. At first I thought the nightmare had come to haunt me in real life. My knees nearly gave on me. I tried to close my eyes tightly but when I opened them he was still there. The images that graced the screen made the coffee taste bitter in my mouth. I slumped into the sofa, that annoying ringing sound was back again. On the TV they were reporting the brutal murder of Robbie Mutiso.

Shit so it had not been a dream, but why Robbie and not the both us?

The white envelope on the table caught my attention. I quickly picked it and tore it up. The contents only helped to worsen the headache.

Mr. Morris sorry for what happened earlier. I believe I’ve helped you with one of your problems. Robbie was a pedophile and I hate such people. So now since I’ve helped you fix a problem that you were too afraid to, you owe me a mammoth of a favor. Get your team together I have a job for you. I will be in touch soon.

Yours Mr. Ali.

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