She leaves men and women breathless as she strolls by nonchalantly,
Radiating her beautiful smile on the earth,
She moves gracefully,
Like a ballet dancer,
Swaying her hips from side to side like a belly dancer,
She’s always stuck on my mind.
Oh she worry’s me
She’s always on my mind
I try to shake her off but like a tick she sucks the life out of me all the time, and it’s against my will
I just can’t seem to shake her off my mind.
She’s breathtaking, yes.
Time slows down just to watch her pass by,
She makes air have pressure,
She’s so cool, ice ain’t got anything on her,
She’s so hot the sun envies her,
And as she walks by water freezes to watch her cool walk.
All I can do is drool
Spellbound by how she moves.

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