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Hello everyone I’m back again with the final piece of ‘tales of grandma’ that is until I visit her again, which I hope is soon. If you haven’t read the other posts on this series you can do so here for ‘Tales of Grandma 1′ and here for ‘Tales of Grandma 2′.

I had a hard time writing this as I felt pity for her and all other old people in society.

Many old people are neglected by society because they don’t offer much to it. It is kind of sad knowing that one day you/me might be in the same situation. We’d all love to be treated well and to live comfortably watching our grandkids running around and growing up to be useful people in the world. If you can, please go see your old parents or show them you care and love them. I know, to most of us they are a bother hence we put them in homes that we rarely visit. I’m saddened by myself, my parents and society at large.

Anyway as you read this please think of ways to improve an old persons life because this could happen to you.

Enjoy & be sure to check our more of my stuff.

Seated on her favorite stool,
I watch her
Gnawing the juicy mango slowly as she contemplates
She’s in her own world
I look at her with pity
Life hasn’t been fair to her
Her sons got lost in the city
Rarely coming to see her
So she sits and vents, of the troubles of life
She hears noises though she’s partially deaf and she can’t sleep at night
She sees peculiar things though she’s partially blind
She craves death like a kid does sweets
She claims its a form of rest.

When you get old, you can’t talk to people because people snap at you…. That’s why you become deaf, so you won’t be able to hear people talking to you that way ~ EDWARD ALBEE, The American Dream


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