I must say it is a strange time to be alive with everything that is happening globally. I hope humanity will concur this virus before it does us. Anyway remember to wash your hands with soap at every opportunity, up to the elbows, really get underneath the fingernails. Do this for more than 30 seconds. It is advisable you do this when in your safe space. Use hand sanitizer incase you are moving around in public. Also practice social distancing (a meter apart) which is a tedious task if you ask me. Lastly don’t touch your face, this is easier said than done.

This virus is proving to be a nuisance to the existence of humanity. Life is slowly coming to a standstill something humans aren’t used to. We love moving around and keeping busy which is the reason the virus has managed to spread.

There a lot of myths and facts about the Covid19 virus out there. So be vigilant of what you read on social media and the news.

I live in Kenya on the African continent for all you who think it is one big country 😂😂. You should revise your geography.
Forgive me I digress. Most African countries don’t have the capability to hold this bull of a virus by the horns. Most nations lack proper healthcare facilities to combat this pandemic. I feel pity for people in slums and refugees camps and internally displaced people in camps that exist all over Africa. Then there are homeless people living in the streets that don’t have access to clean water and other facilities.

The virus is exposing massive holes in our society. We are a global village but when it comes to dealing with the virus each country is focused on itself (which is not bad). We can’t help each other fight some disasters that face us and this has been evident for ages. The lack of a proper set of rules to follow worldwide, well except washing your hands with soap and water is helping the virus to spread. Governments are caught pants down trying to deal with the virus.

Most African MP’s usually go abroad to seek medical services, with travel restrictions being declared all over the world I wonder where they’ll go when they do get sick. It is a murky situation that exposes some harsh realities.

The US and other countries are now sending cheques of about 1,000 dollars to their citizens. Back home no government would do such a thing as our systems are broken and corruption is the tick that never let’s go of a cows hide even when its dead.

I’ve witnessed cases of citizens leaving supermarkets with empty shelf’s of sanitizers and tissue paper. Some even fight for it. They do this forgetting the most important of things such as water and food. Will you eat that tissue paper and drink that sanitizer ?? I guess not.
I’m not an analyst and I not a pessimist but this virus seems to be exposing the evil we harbour in ourselves.

With most countries going into lockdown, I’m left to wonder what our people will do. Most Africans don’t have cars as most live under a dollar a day. It is going to be relatively hard to keep people from straying out as they must go out to make a living. Working and learning from home is a luxury for a select few in Africa. Most people will be out there trying to make a living and unknowingly spreading the virus. It is a dire situation considering most African nations don’t have proper water and sewer systems. So advising people to wash hands at every opportunity is an insult to them. Strange time to be alive indeed.

Most Kenyans are being advised to take unpaid leave

It seems humans don’t learn from past events. This is not the first time we are witnessing such a pandemic remember ebola, SARS, MERS, swine flu ??. I hope the virus doesn’t cause much harm as it did in China and other cities across the world. I am praying for a vaccine to be generated soon.

In the meantime observe the rules sent out by WHO and your government. We will all help each other when we follow the rules set put to combat the Covid19 virus.

Some safety measures to follow

I feel for people with allergies and underlying health conditions.

People are hilarious, these images cracked my ribs

Remember be safe and keep others safe. The virus can kill and I don’t think you want to die.

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  1. You have touched strong points. Today, a pastor was arrested coz he conducted service. Things like corruption and fanaticism makes us minions to Covid-19.

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