Hello everyone and welcome to today’s post about reconnecting.

According to the Oxford dictionary, reconnect is defined as to re-establish a bond of communication or emotion or to connect back together. When people go through tough times in their lives they are often advised to reconnect with nature or to plug out meaning to disconnect from social media, the internet or stuff that might be draining you emotionally, physically and spiritually. By reconnecting with nature or yourself and disconnecting from everyday distractions often you’ll lead a happy life with minimal stress.

However, this is easier said than done because we live in a digital world. The world has truly become a small village because of the internet. You can easily communicate with someone continents away from you in seconds, transact large sums of money in seconds and much more. Technology and the internet have taken over our lives in a massive way. Our whole lives are on the internet now through various platforms such a WordPress, social media applications, surveys that we take online etc. What I’m trying to say is that almost everywhere you go nowadays some information about you will have to be entered on a digital platform somewhere.  

Development in technology and the internet has had significant benefits to humanity that life without them is inconceivable. However, these everyday accessories carry with them a host of disadvantages such as addiction, accidents, racism, terrorism, blackmail, bullying etc. You can argue that the user (or you) of these products must be in some way responsible for his/her actions. Humans have a cunning ability to turn the best into the worst and the worst into the best. Some moderation is needed to handle these products as you juggle with what life throws at you and discovering yourself.

My phone (whatever life it had left in it) got spoilt about two weeks ago and I must admit that life without it has been hell. I’ve had the phone for a couple of years now to the point that I had become somewhat attached to it emotionally. You never really feel this connection until you reach into your pockets only to find that you have lost your phone. The kinds are emotions that flood, when you lose your phone or computer, are immense like a heartbreak. We feel lonely, heartbroken, sad and angry at ourselves for being careless. That’s how I’ve been feeling :(. However, being away from the phone though not by my will has helped me in some aspects of my life. I usually spend a lot of time on social media browsing through nonsense news and more nonsense.

For the period that the phone has been damaged, I have been able to get back to doing some important tasks that I have to accomplish. I have been able to read some books that I ought to have finished reading a long time ago, I managed to finish building my new (this) website from scratch among other things. I know some of you might have a hard time going through a single day without your phone or computer and it is understandable and it isn’t a must you do so. I aim to hit a month or two away from my phone (not a computer). Being an introvert I can easily accomplish this because I don’t have that many people that I talk to on the phone.

You can try disconnecting from these daily distractions of your life and be with yourself for a while. Sit and listen to your breathing and heartbeat (meditation), bask in the morning sun, look at the sunset, look at the night sky and the drown in the beauty of the moon(check out my posts about the moon here), go the ocean let the sand wash away beneath your feet, go to the river and let your feet dangle in the water for a while, look at small children play, pet some cats or dogs, go swimming, go hiking, draw, read and write poetry just do something fun with your life, life is too short. 

Due to COVID 19 (SAR COV 2) we are spending more time on the internet and our devices some of us doing productive and others unproductive things. You should be highly alert and aware not to let these devices have a negative influence over your life. Disconnect a little once in a while.

That’s all from me today. Take care of yourself and follow the set rules in your country to curb the spread of COVID 19 because it can kill and you don’t want you and your loved ones to die. Thanks for reading hope this information helps you, your friends or family.          

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