She hates the sun not so much though
It makes her skin red
And the sun burns freak her out
Don’t get her wrong she ain’t bragging
She loves the rain
The smell before it comes
The drops as they hit her face when she tries to catch them with her mouth
She’s happy in the rain
Seems nothing but happiness exists in her brain when it rains.

And this is where I come in
I watch her from a distance
Umbrella in hand to cover her and try to kiss her wet lips
She slips away from under my umbrella to be with the rain
She loves it more than she does me
This rain is like the forbidden fruit to her
She just can’t keep away.

Its not sunny today
She has no use for my umbrella
The clouds have left me clueless
I hate the rain
She loves it,
To be with her, I’ve got to train to be in the rain
I wish I was the rain so I could pour myself all over her
and drip down from her soft curly hair to her curvy hips
and drop on her cherry blossom lips
Slowly making my way to her perky tits
Under my umbrella I patiently sit and watch her dancing in the showers
Waiting for an end to the rain.

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