She was a queen but you played her like chess
You stomped on her crown,
Made her feel like a mere pawn
You had her heart and soul and played it to the beat
She made her move
And it was all about you
Now she feels so far removed.
She wallows in stress
Every day she weeps on her pillow
For her king, that selfish fellow
She loved everything you hated about yourself
She would have died so that you didn’t have to
I guess you still haven’t a clue.

©Itsdemoray 2020

0 thought on “Queen”
  1. The problem with love, life, and chess is the enemy also gets to vote. Sounds like this king no longer wanted whatever his queen had to offer.

    Is it possible they just were not right for each other?

  2. I am also guilty of letting some fine wanna be queens slip through my fingers. Unfortunately, I was more interested in partying than settling down. Live and learn to live with your regrets and mistakes. Sounds like in your case you have to learn to live with his mistake. Life is unfair.

    1. I’m guilty of that too, been letting pretty lasses slip through my fingers all because I fear settling down. Mistakes we make them and we gotta live with them. Anyways hope we’ll find some fines Queens soon 👊

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