On lonely days questions sprout like beans on a farm
On lonely days I question why I am so afraid to tell you that I have feelings for you, strong feelings I wouldn’t defame by calling them love
On lonely days I question why I’ve been so foolish, I’ve seen you blossom like a flower but to shower you with sweet words I didn’t bother
On lonely days I question why I question myself because I’ve had plenty opportunities but I kept mum
On lonely days I question why I do myself this harm, self harm
On lonely days I nearly hit boiling point, I nearly break out of my cocoon revealing my feelings for you
On lonely days my heart clouds my mind, in the hazy fog I get lost
On lonely days I sit pen in hand and bleed my soul and heart on this paper
On lonely days I write of my regrets & my foolish ways
On lonely days I lament my poor choices
On lonely days the sad music plays, plunging me into the murky affairs of my heart
On lonely days I think about you, putting a strain on my already weak heart.

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