When friends ask I say I’m doing fine,

Then I shrug them off with a smile,

I pretend that you don’t spend each day in my mind,

It’s been months we haven’t talked,

I still hear your voice when I’m stargazing

I still hear your voice over the sea breeze and the waterfall.

Life is so hard without you,

I thought I’d cheat it all,

Act like I don’t care,

Act like I’ve moved on,

I fall and can’t crawl

It ain’t easy!!

It’s no ABC or 123 that I’d recite in my sleep.

It ain’t easy!!

You haunt my dreams during the day and at night,

It ain’t easy!!

You rape my thoughts

And cripple my delicate heart

It ain’t easy!!

Your ghost is always in the room mocking me,

The loud music never helps,

Neither do the drugs,

Everything just seems to remind me of you

I don’t want to acknowledge the fact that I’m not over you.

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