I know you are my only one
Second to none,
My love for you weighs more than a tone,
Or two

I hope you feel the same way too,
but seems you are unlikely to,
One day I hope there will be space for us two,
Even under a tree.

Just like the tree,
With the leaves flowing so free,
I want you to be close to me,
I wish I had a guarantee,
That my heart is what you are up for.

I would like to open the door,
Take a bullet for you,
Because for you I’m willing to die for,
I’d not take a grenade for you,
but I’d face a whole army for you,
In the end I hope I’ll be alive.

Just like a bee hive,
You ooze of honey, sweetness,
So cute like a bunny,
Cuddly and lovely,
Sometimes I think it’s funny,
I wonder if you are just being cunning.

So I have 5 confessions at 4 am, about 3 words between the 2 of us and how I want to be the only 1 that matters to you.

Go back to 1 and re-read me again

I cannot go past 5 cause at 6 I’ll be deep in sleep.

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