To meet the supreme being,

Would completely change me

If I met this being I’d ask loads of questions about my motherland Africa

Like why are we so rich yet so poor?

So blessed yet so cursed?

So bright yet so dull?

So knowledgeable yet so stupid?


My motherland suffers each day,

Drought, war, floods and disease,

Turn to the north in Egypt you’ll find political unrest,

Turn to the south in south Africa you’ll find xenophobia,

Turn to the west in Nigeria you’ll find a militia group kidnapping school kids on a regular,

Go further north to Tunisia & Morocco and you’ll find most of us trying to escape our blessed land,

Turn to the east you’ll find political violence in Kenya and a dictator in Uganda,

Turn to central Africa in democratic republic of Congo and you’ll find a dictator who has wrecked havoc upon the citizens,

Sudan and south Sudan have never experienced peace in ages.

Africa is marred by corruption, war, famine, disease and poverty. In as much as we ask for help from rich nations we should look inward and try to change ourselves, our cultures and so much more.

All the above is just a tip of the iceberg. Corruption remains our biggest cancer. It eats us up slowly. The divide among the rich and poor is so vast that its astonishing. Poor infrastructure namely hospitals, roads and school are almost non existent. But still there exists an elite few who are rich and suffer none of these problems.

I feel for my people. Each and every African out there is family to me. I feel pity that we don’t express empathy to people in distress. Cartels are busy stealing and using relief food to make a profit for themselves. I can’t imagine what would make someone stoop so low.

Our vast resources are being depleted as we try to compete with the developed world. Forest cover is disappearing leading to poor rainfall, dry rivers and death of our cherished wild animals. I wonder what we’ll do.

All hope isn’t lost though. I have a dream that Africa will unify to conquer all the problems we face as a continent putting aside all tribal and nationalistic biases. I pray for change each day, though change is slow always has been always will be. We need a revolution but the only real revolution happens inside of us. So it’s upon you my fellow African to set a better future for the next generation.

If you are reading this and you had a plan to come to Africa please do come. Our continent boasts a richness of life that will leave your soul feeling content and connected with your inner self and mother nature.

Thank you for reading viva Africa.

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