The moon has been back to it’s sexy self these past few weeks. I’ve been out staring at the sky each night. Neck pains galore but its worth it. I really need a telescope 😖.

[wpvideo EQtdXP5p]

(This is from Sophie in Germany)

The brightness is like something I’ve never seen before. Plus the night sky is a brilliant navy blue that just sucks you in.

Some people are claiming this is due to the few dust particles in the air. The lockdown is having a positive impact on the environment.

And so I wrote a poem about the moon, enjoy 😊

I’m staring skyward at a wraith-silver disc hanging in the lonely sky

I’m staring skyward at the moon

As it illuminates the sky

Wishing I’d go there soon

Myself I tell this lie

Maybe I might

When the time’s right

I wanna take that ride

To stare at its dark side

I wanna see something greater

From the deep craters

To the lava flow, stretching all over its surface like veins

To things I might not know

I am beguiled by its beauty

I wanna walk in awe of its splendour.

My friend Sophie took these amazing moon pics. Just look at how beautiful the moon is 😍😍

Image by Sophie Bojana

@itsdemoray 2020

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