poppy flower, poppy, flower meadow

Lets forget

That we ever met,

That I ever lied and made you cry,

That you refused me at first but fell for me later,

It frustrated me,

That I ever cheated and you never found out,

That you never flirted with other guys,

and I never got so jealous and overprotective.

which irritated you.

Lets forget

That I ever broke the ice and said “I love you”,

That you never said “I love you too”,

That you made my world go round,

and I made you laugh so hard that you cried and forgot about all your worries,

That you didn’t sound so damn sexy on the phone,

and I didn’t get naughty every time we talked,

That we never made love endlessly on the floor, the shower and all the places we could think of,

lets pretend we didn’t enjoy those nights,

Lets pretend

That we ever fought over silly stuff,

That the distance didn’t kill us,

That I never broke your heart,

Would you still be here?

hard to forget

Memories haunt me,

All my dreams are about you

Your ghost is always in my room

Every second you cruise my mind

Its hard for me to pretend and to forget

What about you?

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