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This is such a simple concept you might say but at times it’s the last place your body wants to be. There are days when your body says yes but the brain says slow down and you live in this ruthless tug of war. Keeping your mind and body in the same place can at times leave you wondering who it is you once were. However, when you least expect it something comes along and brings your mind and body in sync again.

We either live in an illusion of tomorrow or are wrapped up in a past that no longer exists. Neither the past nor the future represents our true reality. However we can perpetuate our current reality or turn our possibilities into our new reality, simply by choosing what to focus on. If we keep colleting, hoarding, be it thoughts, emotions, wants or desires, we risk missing the beauty of life as it happens, because we are unable to be present.

A friend reminded me how very significant it is to stay present and this inspired me to pen this poem enjoy 😊


So I’m trying to live in the present

But it get caught up thinking of the past

The joys, the love and the hurt

And I stress about the future

And having lots of money

And then comes the drugs

I drown my sorrows in the bottle

Head in the sky my feet deep in the struggle

They help me rage war against boredom


Gratitude is an ideal concept

But of it I lack

They say it’s about appreciating what’s around you

For the worst you could have is death

But to others it can be liberating.

So here you are

And you should know the world is a cruel place

It throws the good and bad in equal measure

So change your metal state for a change

Enjoy the good times

Don’t worry much about what didn’t go right

Be present

Feel your breath

Keep your mind where your body is.

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