Hello everyone, hope you are well. I also hope you are all washing your hands and observing social distancing. The human race finds itself in tough times. Everyone is going through a hard time mentally, emotionally and physically. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost someone or as in some way been affected by the pandemic. It seems like wherever you turn you’re bombarded with news about the pandemic assaulting your eyes and mind.

Anyway, enough about that. I’m here to share something about one of my interests which is basketball. I’ve had an up and down relationship with basketball. As a kid I used to enjoy watching games at Kenyatta University with the school team battling it out with other teams. One of the teams I used to like was 4-Christ basketball team. It had talented players and most were friends and guys I knew from the neighbourhood.

So being a super fan of 4-Christ basketball I ended up becoming the team manager. The team participates in the Kahawa Sukari Baptist Church (KSBC) Basketball Mini League.

The Kahawa Sukari Baptist Church (KSBC) Basketball Mini League is the focus of today’s blog. 

It was founded in 2018 by:

  1. Coach Mwenda
  2. Chris Ismail
  3. Darius
  4. Peter Kanyiri

From Kahawa Sukari Baptist Church (KSBC) we have:

  1. Pastor Ezekiel Kayeli
  2. Pastor Somba   

The league aims to develop basketball from a tender age, encourage competitiveness, build character and cultivate a love for the game. Their goal is not to impress or demand attention but to let the work they do decide who they really are and what is best for the community.  

The Church, where games are played is located in Kahawa Sukari, Geoffrey Kuruti Rd, Nairobi just off Thika Superhighway.

IMG-20200428-WA0016The Kahawa Sukari Baptist Church

The Church has an amazing outdoor basketball court. If you love basketball you can come watch some games or play as well. There is ample space for fans.

How to get to the church
It will cost you 50 Ksh to get there on a motorbike and 30 Ksh in a Maruti (these are small 10 passenger vans) and you can get there on foot, choice is yours. The Maruti stage is just opposite Quickmart supermarket.

Objectives of the league

The leagues objectives include:

  1. Providing a platform for youths to explore their basketball talents
  2. Give hope to youths through the word of God and basketball
  3. Raising basketball standards in Africa
  4. Exposing players to the world of professional sports
  5. Encouraging cohesion, co-existence and peace building in the community through youth.

Being part of the league as a team manager I’ve got first-hand experience of how it impacts the youth and the local community. I’ve enjoyed every bit of ups and downs in the league. I believe everything that happens in life good or bad is a lesson in its own way and I’ve got plenty of them from the league.

The Kahawa Sukari Baptist Church (KSBC) Basketball Mini League’s journey has been nothing but phenomenal. I appreciate the founders and all the stakeholders involved.


A game at the KSBC basketball court. You can watch some games for yourself on the leagues YouTube channel here.

Now let me indulge you in a few details about the seasons and how everything has panned out since the idea of the league was conceived.

In the 2018 season the league had 10 teams. The teams were a mixture of exceptionally talented women and men. My team 4-Christ basketball made it to the finals but lost to Jedi Order basketball in what was a thrilling final series.

In the 2019 season the league had 16 teams a mixture of men and women. In what was an exciting final Pirates (Kenyatta university basketball men team) played Legends BC. The eventual winners of the 2019 Season were Legends BC.

In season 2020 the league has 28 Men teams and 9 Women teams. The league has now expanded and I’m happy because I get to see young people showcase their basketball skills on the court.

In the 2020 season NIBS (Nairobi Institute of Business Studies) partnered with Kahawa Sukari Baptist Church (KSBC) Basketball Mini League with the help of Coach Martin from the college.

Due to the large number of teams involved games have been split between both basketball courts at the church and the college.

The NIBS Thika road campus is located along Thika road near Kimbo, Ruiru. The college has an amazing outdoor basketball court and ample space for fans.

  4 Christ basketball team pose for a picture at the NIBS court.

Games are played on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm at Kahawa Sukari Baptist church court.

On weekends from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm at the NIBS basketball court. (NB. The fixture is updated 2 weeks prior to the game).

I was looking forward to an exciting and entertaining 2020 season, but the league has taken a break due to the pandemic. A few games had been played though. You can watch them on this link.

The league is creating positive change in the community as well as the lives of individuals involved. I hope all goes well, so we can go back to battling it out on the court. I have missed the game so much :(. 

Feel free to interact with Kahawa Sukari Baptist Church (KSBC) Basketball Mini League on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube by clicking the icons below. 

That’s all from me. Stay safe, stay home and remember to observe all the rules stipulated in your region to curb the spread of the virus. Take care of yourselves.

©Itsdemoray 2020

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    1. Thank you for read. I agree, basketball can have a huge impact on the community. It is great to see that some people are trying to bring change through sport.

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