The world is in a mess

with politics, taxes and people grinding axes

War, disease, hunger and people in distress

Happiness seldom exists

and then there’s me

so alone in this hell hole

with thoughts raging inside like a wormhole

self-pity isn’t so pretty,

it’s like I jumped into the sauna

and killed my self-esteem

an own goal scored by my team

I forget to just breath

I forget to open up my nostrils

and feel the cold air inflate my lungs

I forget to be present in the moment

My mind rots

I’m covered in a veneer of negative thoughts.

See I can have the world in the palms of my hands

but I still might drop it

and everybody wants to reach into my pockets

but there’s nothing in my wallet just a lot of dreams

toiling through the season’s winter, spring, summer, fall

the grass was always green till I cut it all off

I’ve been out of my mind for a while

forgetting to just breath

but now I’m back to life

butterfly out of the cocoon

I exhale and let out a sigh of relief.

Image provided by Pixabay.

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