“Beautiful fake smile. All it takes is a beautiful fake smile to hide an injured soul and they will never notice how broken you really are.” Robin Williams


My mind never sleeps,

And when it does, it haunts me with relentless nightmares

Life has me wrapped in a straitjacket

Slowly squeezing my fragile self

I try to scream but it ain’t worth it

No one would really care, so to hell!!

I guess we all are sufferers

Patients of this cruel existence.

I can’t breath there’s something in my IV

Tried to tell them but they wouldn’t believe,

Tried to show them but they wouldn’t perceive,

So I trudge the dark roads, cross the shark ridden seas

Striving to get to free

I guess I’m attracted to depravity, the ugliness of life and the confusion of it.

Someone told me just smoke a little, chill, lay back you’ll never stress

I was never really one to smoke,

I must confess

When it comes to killing anxiety & migraines, no contest

So no stress,

All the demons in a casket they rest,

I’m free for a while,

On my face appears a smile

I stop seeing the vultures

And the soul snatchers.

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