I’m in a fix
My head tells me this
My heart tells me that
My body is willing to follow
but which path?
The head knows the way
but the heart trusts the gut.

In the abyss of my soul dwells war
A tug of war
My heart on one side
My brain on the other
My body is the rope
I’m slowly tearing myself apart
Stretching every muscle
Ripping every tendon
Rapturing every vein.

“He’s crazy” the doctors say
“He’s crazy” the friends say
But they don’t really understand
There’s a war going on inside
I ain’t safe from.

The skill of peacekeeping with the various parts of my body is useless,
Thoughts buzz like a swarm of bees,
Emotions crawl inside like newly hatched maggots,
Devouring my insides like a fermished lion
My heart vs my brain is a massive duel
The Romans would give it a standing ovation
There’s a war going on inside me.

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