Baby if you ever left and decided to come back,
Remember the keys are always under the mat,
Inside you’ll still find your cat, healthy and fat,
I will still be using your favorite mug,

My clothes would still be in your old bag.

If you ever come back I will cook you dinner every night,

Well not every night but I just might,

I will kiss you goodnight and make sure you are warm every night,

I will let you win all the fights,

The curtains I hate you’ll still find them there,

You’ll still find that I squeeze toothpaste just the way you taught me.

Baby you set my world on fire,

For me this relationship is a full time job,

I never want to retire,

To another girl I will never be for hire,

I promise my mistakes I will never repeat,

In every fight I will always retreat.

You are my world,

Without you here who will set it on fire?

Amid all the storms and days when the sun does not shine,

I will hold you so close and let the world know you are mine,

If you ever come back I promise to make everything right.

Please come back.

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