portrait, people, darkness

Imagine butterflies

Drawn in by a flower so bright

That they forget how to fly

That’s how I feel

When I gaze into your eyes

And when you aren’t looking

I stare at you

I take in your beauty

You look like Rihanna mixed with Megan good

And when you look at me

I try to look away, pretend I wasn’t staring

But I want you to look at me

And now that you are

My mind and body betray me

I shake like a twig

And my heart might drown in its own blood

And then you hug me

Then the slow-motion kicks in


Your touch is like an explosion of a thousand atomic bombs

Call it world war three.

You are a fucking cliché of beauty

In the slow-motion moment

I see thousands of strands of your hair

Floating down lit by sunlight

I suddenly become aware of things

Things that I’ve never noticed before

Like how your lips form the platonic ideal of a plum

Or how your eyes radiate life

Or how I’m at peace when I’m near you

But your presence leaves me in excessive perspiration, respiration and palpitation

And I’m so defenceless against this suffering

All because I’m in love.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

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