Thank U mama for the nine months u carried me through
All those pain and sufferin’
No one knows the pressure you bare just only you
Give you all my love oh yea
Thank U mama for the nine months u carried me through
All those pain and sufferin’
No one knows the struggle you bare just only you
Mama I would never let you down
I’ll never go away, I’ll always be around
You know why you do it, such love that you found
I’m always gonna let you wear that crown
Through the roughest of times you maintain your calm
Jah was your only help While shelterin’ me from the storm
And when its cold you wrap me in a towel so warm
Oh ma oh ma, I’m so glad I was born

These are the words/lyrics to the song Thank You Mama by a Jamaican artist called sizzla. I’m in love with the last part. Some people just have a way with words. This song fully describes how I feel about my mum.

So today marks a few years since my wonderful mom brought me into this world. In other words it is my birthday. I don’t really celebrate birthdays, I opine that each day you wake up is like another birthday. Celebrating a birthday just shows how selfish one is. Before you get all fussy let me explain myself. We tend to put so much emphasis on birthdays for no particular reason. I think people should instead focus on celebrating the person(s) that brought them into this world. No offence to any father out there but today I’ll be dwelling more on the mothers of this world.

Think about it. Aren’t you glad your mum didn’t didn’t go for an abortion ? You never know maybe she had planned for it. You didn’t break a sweat coming into this world but on the other hand she had to scream and endure tremendous amounts of pain just to bring your selfish self into this world. I’m of the idea that we should change how we celebrate birthdays. Instead of showering ourselves in so much glory and fanfare it would be good to focus our efforts on making our mothers feel special for giving birth to us.

Today I decide to celebrate my mother for bringing me into this world. She has been a blessing and I would not trade her for anything in this world. Today I challenge you to think and be different. Stop making a huge fuss on your birthday and concentrate on appreciating your mother. She did the hardest job on that day and the only way you can show gratitude is dedicating your birthday to her. Celebrate and cherish her, she’s the only mother you’ll ever have.

Birthday talk aside, since I’ve already started talking about women let’s delve deeper into how to read or unmask a woman in my next post be sure to take a look at it. Thanks 😃

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