Where is the food ?

I don’t care if its good,

Or bad,

Or a dead bird,

I just want food,

Not to feel good,

Just to get full,

and maybe grow some skin,

Like my kin,

Who live in the city,

I’m skinny,

Just bones no fat,

I want to grow fat like the other kids.

Where is the food?

I’m dying,

They are yapping,

Politicians playing the political game,

They want money and fame,

I want food

Where is the food?

I’ve been hungry for six days,

No water, no food,

Still no one cares,

My little sister can’t suck my mothers breasts,

They have no milk.

Where is the food I ask?

I wake up at dusk,

To beg and ask,

To steal and search,

To work to walk,

In search of food,

No rains,

Sometimes I wonder what we did to God,

It pains,

It really hurts too,

I want to play like other kids,

But I can’t,

I’m constantly searching for food,

My childhood is destroyed already,

It’s been almost two weeks now,

My little sister died just a week ago,

She couldn’t handle it anymore,

Each day life oozed away from her more and more,

We could only watch,

Her eyes pleaded,

No one listened,

No one yielded to her screams of pain,

Yes it also never rained,

She got weak and died at the end of the week,

She left us to continue,

The search for food,

She couldn’t take it any more,

Her frail body was laid to rest in a cave,

No one had the energy to dig a grave,

I wonder if the dogs are going to eat her remains,

Or If the hyenas are going to chew her bones,

Mother did not cry,

She had no water in her eyes,

But I think she couldn’t afford to waste her energy,

I could see the pain in her eyes,

I could tell she had so many questions,

But still she didn’t cry,

She didn’t even try,

to utter a sound.

The way she looks at me suggests that I am next,

It’s a sad thing for a parent to bury her children,

Damn it!! where is the food,

I don’t want to die,

No need to lie, I love life,

even though its hard on us.

I didn’t talk about my father,

Well maybe it’s because he left us when the drought started,

He couldn’t bare the pain,

I guess he is dead or out there somewhere,

Looking for food and water,

As we trek, not knowing where we are headed,

I look at mother,

She smiles at me,

She can still smile,

She was beautiful, I can tell,

I will not die I conclude,

I will make this woman proud of me one day,

So for better for worse, this life I will not divorce,

Don’t forget my question,

where is the food?

Please offer and answer.

      The end.

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