Hey there, I’m from Kenya a country in Africa, East Africa to be precise. Our society is diverse as we have forty three tribes here, add to that refuges, tourists and asylum seekers you get a good brew of trouble if ever one of these is rubbed the wrong way. Our society is/has slowly been influenced by western culture and largely by the internet and television. There has never been a massive transfer of information or rather its availability to every tom, dick and harry that has an interest.

In 2019 BC (before Corona) life was pretty normal in my country Kenya bar the few shenanigans done by our politicians. Youths in my country in their daily hustle and bustle used to use fist bumps as a means of greeting. Our parents on the other hand associated this way of greeting with Rastafarianism which was viewed as some sort of hippy cult mainly associated with marijuana a drug that is illegal and abhorred by our society. I can’t really recall the number of times we got scolded by parents, teachers and other adults for fist bumping.  Being the rebels we are we’ve stuck to fist bumping and fast forward to 2021 AC (after Corona) I’m fist bumping every adult that wants to great. Every time I do so I feel liberated from some choking chain, so yay to freedom.

I know I sound rather childish for viewing this as a victory during a pandemic but we’ve got celebrate life’s little miracles in our daily lives. Also fist bumping is a World Health Organizations (WHO) recommended way of greeting so I guess we sort of are still winning, so how about we bump to that 🤜 🤛 here’s a short clip on the benefits of fist bumping, soon I’ll upload one of creative ways of fist bumping enjoy, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ucmoVPrKto

Have a lovely day, keep safe.

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