I don’t know him no more,

See daddy ain’t like he used to be,

He doesn’t throw jokes around like he used to, only insults like a famished hobo in all his convos.

I call him dad because of his genes roaming inside me,

not because of the jeans he bought me,

I call him dad not out of respect neither love, that got lost ages ago.

He doesn’t care though just as long as he hangs out with his pals Jamie, Johnnie & Henny.

And lately he’s been taking a lot of advice from Mr. Walker and hanging out with Molly.

See daddy I cried the other day when my son said “Dad you drink a lot & take a bath you stink a lot”.

See daddy I’m slowly turning into you.

I can’t control it and now this Hennessy is gonna be the death of me see I don’t want it but I need it, I hate it and love it at the same damn time.

See daddy Father to father, heart to heart I confess I’m slipping further away from my son just like you did and its hurting me.

I know you can’t help but just listen.

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