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I like you,

I swear,

From your lovely smile,

The smell of your hair,

To the clothes you wear,

And when I look into your eyes,

I get sucked into the murky waters I need clearance,

Hit and run over me like you’ve got no insurance,

And I miss your smile like a deadline,

  Thinking of you,

My heart slowly wears and tears,

And everything seems unclear,

I don’t know where I belong in your world,

Because you give nothing in your words.

Looking at your credentials,

Everyone sees you’ve got potential,

And as my boys would say “you’re wife material”,

But like Courage,

I’m cowardly and from nowhere,

And at this stage,

I need you here,

Like a surgeon,

Tear my chest apart,

Find my heart,

Hold my heart in your hands,

Let it beat for you,

Let it tell you all the plans I have in store for you,

Because as much as I try, I can’t,

These words can barely express how I fell inside,

And neither can they flow out of my tongue.

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