I didn’t expect that hurt coin deposit in my sadness wallet,

I never thought it would be like this,

I’m falling out of your arms,

Landing and falling into a pit,

What the f#*#$ is this?

Is this what they call the abyss?

You took to your heels,

Left me in the dark when I broke your heart,

I’m sorry I did you wrong,

We could do so much better than this,

Mausoleum faces and momentary bliss,

And since you left I haven’t seen light in a while,

It hasn’t been bright in a while.


You’ve got no color on your cheeks,

And I thought you’d never leave,

How could I have been so naïve?

But I got to watch you leave through the window,

The hurt hit me to my shadow,

I guess this is why they call it window pane.


Stuck over you,

I’ve gone under,

Your living proof of God’s wonder,

Never thought I’d be crawling back to you,

Like a piece of meat stuck between the teeth you bother me,

And especially when I’ve had a few,

I always think of calling you,

I’m too busy being lost to fall for somebody new,

So here I am,

Painting a picture of my pain for the world to see,

And I would sail the seven seas,

Just to make you believe me,

And I’ve been wondering if your heart is still open?

And if it is,

When does it shut?

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