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Sources claim that almost three billion people in the world are experiencing some sort of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. With people spending most of their time indoors, the rate of crime in cities all over the world has significantly reduced.

I heard a story on BBC radio the other day. It was about gangs in South Africa that have started distributing food and survival kits to poor people in slums. They have formed a truce and are now using drug routes to distribute the food and survival kits. Pretty creative if you ask me👌. This shows how humans can work together to solve many problems that we face every day. It is sad that this has to happen because of a pandemic 😖

As the rate of some forms of crime reduces worldwide, other forms such as domestic violence tend to sprout due to people spending time together indoors. Many women and children and a portion of men are suffering silently at home 😭

I’ve heard some countries are coming up with a domestic violence hotline for the abused and offenders as well. The offenders are advised to report when they feel they want to commit a crime. It is a good initiative though I haven’t heard of it being implemented in most parts of Africa. It is something I would advocate for.

A home should be a safe haven where one runs to after a hard day in the office. It is where you go to reconnect, to get love and reassurance and appreciation from loved ones. It becomes a problem if one no longer feels safe in the confines of their home.

Domestic violence is described as the act of violence against a person living in one’s household especially from an immediate member of the family. In Kenya today, it is still a taboo to talk about domestic violence. Victims who speak out are stigmatized for airing their ‘dirty linen’ in public.

It was unfortunate for me to have to experience a domestic violence case in my neighborhood. The poor wife had her hand broken and the child has now been left with almost no teeth 😭. The case was reported to the police as early as Sunday before things got worse. It took the police three days to respond to the crime 😤. Sadly the damage had already been done.

In a hilarious turn of events the perpetrator who was arrested yesterday (Wednesday) managed to escape from the police cell 😂😂. I’m left wondering if he bribed the police or he just managed to escape. I’m baffled; then again this is no rare occurrence in my country.

While we are all hiding in the safety of our homes some people aren’t safe in theirs. Women and children are the most affected by domestic violence. It does not have to be physical. They are going through tough mental and emotional times 😭😭.

So make sure you check on your neighbors. Report any cases of domestic violence and save a soul from the anguish that comes from it. Pray for people going through hard times and help in any way you can. As I always say, remember it could happen to you and am sure you’d like someone to look out for your wellbeing.

If you are in Kenya there are toll-free hotlines that are available round the clock that victims or those around them can call. One of them is 1195 which is operated by Healthcare Assistance Kenya (HAK) with support of telecom agents such as Safaricom and Airtel. One can also reach out to the Gender Violence Recovery Center at Nairobi Women’s Hospital specifically the Adam’s Branch through the numbers Mobile : +254721696 214 / +254721760146 or email at Email:gvrc@nwch.co.ke

Be safe and keep others safe. We will concur this virus together 💪. In the meantime observe all the safety regulations set in your country. Till next time, cheers.

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