face, eyes, caricature
Come back to me,
Make my life bright again,
You left without a word,
And that’s cruel,
Sometimes I feel guilty,
I feel like I didn’t mourn you honorably,
I don’t think of you as much as I used to
I didn’t pay my respects,
Now I’m forever indebted to you,
It’s funny and sad,
That I hope to see your face,
Someday someplace,
And I don’t care when,
Though you’re gone,
Forever from this barren land,
We try to stay strong,
Though I shed tears every time,
Because my mind finds your face in weird places,
Everywhere I go,
In meals even,
Pizza, pancakes and chapatis,
I see you smile on walls,
And on the oceans shores,
I saw your picture the other day,
It reminded me of all you did for me,
How you changed my life,
How innovative and creative you were,
How you taught me to respect people,
I just want you back,
Though it can’t really happen,
Death doesn’t do rewinds.

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