Hello, everyone, I hope you are all doing well.

Yesterday, 28th December I nearly got robbed!!!

I’ve had my fair share of muggings but this one was dumbfounding. My day had started well but I got bored and in the afternoon I decided to cycle to my friend’s place in Roysambu just a few kilometres from home. I spent the afternoon and evening playing chess, brainstorming ideas that might help us make money, catching up on life and watching movies. A few minutes past eight p.m. I decided to cycle back home. I usually cycle on the highway along the Thika Super Highway but yesterday I don’t know what came over me and I decided to use the service lane. Since I had no bag I made my way to Githurai in a few minutes. At Githurai one can either take the highway or the service lane, I decided on the latter. With my denim jacket and reflector flapping against the wind I was now heading at top speed towards Kahawa Barracks nearly a kilometre away from Githurai. There’s a bridge that separates Kahawa and Githurai and past it is a climb that I didn’t have the energy to cycle as fast as I wanted.

The climb isn’t as steep but I got tired when I was nearly halfway through. So I switched gears to soft so I could cycle without putting much stress on my already tired legs. As I was slowly making my way up the climb I spotted six young men walking on the pedestrian walk. I didn’t give them much thought and I continued to slowly cycle. I had left them behind by a considerable distance when I decided to have one last look at where they were. What happened next caught me by surprise, one of the young men was on me and he got hold of my denim jacket and pulled me off the bike and then everything slowed down. I fell hit my knees and elbow on the tarmac but I was up in a jiff with clenched fists. The guys had already surrounded me and one was trying to chokehold me but I was fighting furiously throwing punches hoping the blows would land on some of them.

Amidst the struggle I heard one of them telling me to calm down, he was insisting that I stop resisting but I could have none of it. Suddenly I was lifted and I fell on the ground with a thud like a sack full of maize. I was up again as soon as I hit the ground because I knew if I left them overpower me I was going to get robbed or worse injured. Again with my fists clenched, I threw them aimlessly, this time however one of the guys had his hand in my jeans pocket and he managed to steal my house keys. I was getting tired and I feared they would soon overpower me but luckily I saw a matatu (public service vehicle) on the road and started waving at the driver screaming for help. Upon seeing the matatu approaching the young men started running away.

The ordeal was over as quickly as it had started. The matatu came to a halt near where I was. I took a minute to catch my breath and check my body for injuries but I had none. I checked my pockets and noticed that only my keys were missing. The bicycle hadn’t been stolen, it seems they weren’t interested in it, I picked it up, tried to get on it but the chain had come off so I pushed it to a safer place where I could fix it. The matatu driver slowly escorted me to the stage. I thanked him, fixed my bike and pedalled towards Kenyatta University and before I got there the bicycle’s seat broke, I reckon it’s because of the impact of the fall. With the adrenaline still cascading in my veins I decided to cycle the rest of the way without the seat. I reached home safely, with my heart still beating like it wanted to make its way out of my chest.

I can’t believe that I had walked away from the situation with just a few bruises. I’m not a violent person so I can’t tell you where the courage to fight those guys came from. I recall everything going into slow motion when I fell off the bike. Such a thing has never happened to me before maybe because I occasionally use the highway and at a time when many people are out and about, I can’t explain how I got out of that murky situation but I’m glad I did.
That’s all for today keep safe and take care of yourself.

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