addict, the dependence of, drug addiction

I’ve known you for years

and suddenly you’ve become my addiction

your taste is ohh so refreshing,

and I’m so into you

I can’t really explain it

can’t quit you,

yet I bleed from the inside

addicted I am,

like a fool, I drown in the high

lost in the euphoria.


when I touch you I feel the rush

you must be a sorcerous

you’ve done the impossible,

got me hooked to you

now I’m the junky,

always hungry and cranky

and I hate what I’ve become

struggling to get out but I drown


See I need a way out

a rope to pull me out of this hell hole

some sort of assurance that there’s hope

I can make it if I try

I can beat this demon.


Image provided by Pixabay

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