In these covid-19 times many people are going through a tough time financially and mentally. Death rates from covid-19 continue to rise and economies are taking a downward trend. Today I’m here to try and offer some tips on how to realize a peace of mind with the turmoil going on around us.

You need a peace of mind when the world around you is in turmoil.

Once you realize that happiness exists within and without of you, you are on the journey to realizing a peace of mind. You can’t escape something by consuming something else. Most of us struggle with loss of concentration not realizing that it is just a branch in the tree of your brain.

Below are some practices one can follow to realize a peace of mind

  1. Inside us is a home. You have control of it. It is your body and mind. Make it a happy home.
  2. Mindfulness of breathing. Pay attention to your breath. Rest your mind by being aware of your breath
  3. Provide yourself a good internal environment
  4. Don’t cause a war within yourself
  5. Bring your mind to a place of beauty and hope
  6. Use your breath to relax ourselves in traumatic conditions.
  7. Look at what you still have not what you’ve lost, be calm and clear.

When we go through traumatic events our bodies and mind experience a lot. We must be able to calm our minds to realize a fruitful life.

image by pixabay

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